Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Healing power of Baby Spit 

Yes readers- you read the title right. Healing powers of Baby Spit. It's this weird undocumented phenomenom. Let me explain. 4 days ago I was playing "hunt the hund under the covers" with Ninja when he managed to loose the covers and take a chunk out of my fingertip. It's a minor wound, but hurt like buggery. 3 days ago, while out and about, Juliet decided she was hungry and I couldn't stop at that second to feed her so I stuck my finger in her mouth. Of course I chose my injured finger. Ow. But it calmed her down so I left it there. Yesterday and today I also used my finger (mainly to stop her from sucking when she wasn't hungry). I noticed today, that my boo-bo is almost gone. There is a small mark, but the wound seems healed. Walla- the healing power of baby spit!


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