Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fish Tank 

For those of you not in the know, I had a snail infestation in my 45 gallon fish tank. Nothing I did got rid of the damn things. In the crazed cleaning of these last few weeks of pregnancy my snail filled fish tank has become unbearable. I've officially declared war. I bought a new tank (god bless craigs list!) new decorations, new pumps, filters, heaters. While my fish moved to my new tank NOTHING else did. Next step..... Bleach the old tank. Yup Bleach. If the bastards survive bleach and a year of dry storage then... well then they win I guess.
Anyway, today I just finished transfering my old fish to their new home. Hopefully the shock won't kill them as I did it a bit quicker then you really should. Dash (My Tetra), Streak and Stalker (my algea eaters) were all absent from the old tank, I assumed they were hiding, I guess they've died. I will post a picture of my new tank as soon as I get the light working!


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