Sunday, November 09, 2008

Day 4 

Last night was soooo much better. Aunt Mary said that maybe she was frustrated because the milk wasn't coming down fast enough for her. So I tried manually expressing a little until I saw a drop on the nipple and THEN I started feeding her. I also changed her diaper before I fed her, so that she was awake for feedings. I also nursed her on just one breast so that she'd get the hind milk and stay full for longer. Whatever it was that I did- she was a LOT better. We were still up every couple of hours, but she didn't scream bloody murder at each feeding. Overall, a much much better night.
The cats are starting to come around a little. Both Ninja and Baby came to the bed last night. Ninja won't come any where near her still, but he did cuddle against my knees. Baby I need to watch a little more closely- she's oblivious to whats around her and could easily lay down on Juliet. But when she knows where Juliet is, she won't come near her either.
I had to run to the store again today for cat food and diapers- all the ones I have are too big for her, so I had to buy smaller ones. She did great at the store again. I have one of those over the shoulder slings- I love it. It rocks her while I walk and leaves my hands free.
However my back is killing me. The right shoulder blade region on my back is really sore. Just from holding her, and left over pain from labor. Hopefully it'll work itself out soon.


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