Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Birth Story 

While Juliet is at the nursery seeing the doctors I figured I would steal a moment to write :)

Sunday I woke up at 11.30am (I thought it was 12.30 dang daylight savings), and figured that with time to kill I'd get my fish into my new fish tank, and do a load of dishes. I went to work, and was there until 11.30pm. I stopped to chat on the way out the door, so by the time I left it was just a few mins past midnight. I drove home (a 20 min drive) and stopped for gas (I nearly ran out THAT could have been a disaster!). Got home, fed the cats, and realised I had no milk, bread or basic food stuffs in the house. I figured I'd run to Walmart, but first I wanted to throw the cleaning stuff in the old tank.
I leaned over to pick up a part of the tank to throw back into it when I got a wicked cramp. I stook up slowly, and tried to walk a little to relieve it when my water broke. (I called my nurse friend Kathryn to make sure that I hadn't just peed or something!).
1250- Called my doctor to tell him my water broke. He told me to head to the hospital as soon as I started feeling contractions.
0107- Had a contraction. Put out food for the cats for while I was gone.
0112- Second contraction. Realised I was in trouble- they were only 5 mins apart and I live 20 mins from the hospital. Grabbed my phone charger, and a towel and garbage bag for the seat of my car.
0117- Third contraction. Keep in mind that I work at the hospital that I delivered at, and had left there not an hour before. Called security (who are friends) and told them to have someone at the lobby entrance to park my car for me.
Approx 0130- Got stopped at the traffic light just before the hospital. My contractions are about 3 mins apart at this point and I figured I would stop, check for traffic and blow the light (it's a LONG light), when a cop car pulled up behind me, forcing me to wait the never-ending 4 mins for it to change to green.
Arrived at the hospital, gave keys to security, had another person grab my bag for me, and walked to the elevator (no way was I getting in a wheelchair- note to spouses, sitting in labor SUCKS). Got upstairs to my room to discover the two AWSOME nurses that I had last week had traded off a patient so they could have me. I was a happy duck. Also found my nurse friend Kathryn waiting to help me through. Got changed and checked- I was already at 3cm.
They had a lot of trouble starting the IV, so I opted for some Tylonol to help until they could get the IV in and get something stronger.
0210- Still no IV. I was checked and was already at 7cm. We called one of the lead nurses up from the ER, who came up and got the IV started finally. Asked for Stadol (pain medicine). It took about 20 mins to arrive, and at that time I was coping ok, so I said I'd wait a little bit. I figured I'd only been in labor for just over an hour, I didn't want to waste it if I had a while to go.
At this point I loose track of time, things went REALLY quickly, and when I finally said I wanted the Stadol I was 9 1/2cm and it was too late. It seemed to take FOREVER for that last centimeter, and it was so hard to not push when I had the urge to do so and I know I alternated between begging them to let me push (you can't until you are 10cm otherwise the cervix will swell and the baby won't come out), and stating that I needed to "take a f*ing sh*t".
When we finally got down to the pushing it took me just over an hour to push her out. Her head was slightly crooked, so she was stuck in the perienum forever.

But overall, for a first timer, I did remarkable well. From start to finish was one minuete short of 5 hours, and I can claim bragging rights to have done it with no pain medications.


Howdy Mother Hen,
I feel so slack to have not go any of your calls - I swear last night I heard the phone and was in such a daze i didnt realise what it was - and when i did it was too late. DOH!
I am so proud of you and the photos are just beautiful. I know i didnt ask for permission but i have put them on my facebook so i can share it with my friends - im a proud mother of god sorts haha.
It makes me laugh that only an hour before you went into labour you told me that you hadnt gone into labour yet and then when i messaged back - well your waters must have already I hear your mum calls to tell me your in i figure it was my message that set it off and nothing to do with the fish tank you were cleaning.
NE way - much love to you and Juliet - a rose by any other was plainly obvious to me as soon as your mum told me.
Am sending a package soon so stay tuned.
all the hugs and kisses i can give
Aunty Lyndall haha

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