Friday, August 22, 2008


So I am not a really religous person. But something was said last night that surprisingly bothered me. A patient stopped me as I was walking through the hallway and commented on how fast I've grown (she was there 3 months ago and I was 'tiny'. Is it a sad commentary on how ofter she is there or how often I am there that she remembers me?). Anyway, she asked if I had a name for the baby yet, and when I said that I hadn't decided yet, she said "oh that means she has no soul yet".
Wait what? I've never really thought of my baby having, or not having a soul and I am not sure that I even think about souls at all in my normal day to day life..... but the thought that my baby doesn't have one... it really bothered me. Why? No clue. But it did.


I just saw this now, and the fact that someone said that to you really upset me. That person is either delusional or just mean. I don't care which, but it was wrong of her to say that regardless of what she believes.

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