Thursday, August 07, 2008

smoking rant 

I am not a smoker. I just wanted that out there before I start. I fully support non smoking indoors. I have nothing against smokers, I just don't want to smell it. As of Jan 1st 2007 all of the hospitals in my area (I am not sure if it was all of New York or just all of the Capital Region) banned smoking on hospital grounds. In theory- GREAT idea. You can't smoke [I]anywhere[/I] on the grounds- not the parking lot, or the lawn or anything. You have to cross the street. Like I said- in theory great idea (Hell sick people want to get sun too an shouldn't exposed to second hand smoke).
In practice, this is the worst thing that hospitals have EVER done. EVER. Before this went into effect my hospital had a smoking shelter out the back. That's where people went. It was out of the way, and no one who didn't want to smell smoke had to go there. NOW... people congregate on the sidwalk in front on the hospital. I'm 7 months pregnant and I cannot walk from my car to my place of employment without passing half a dozen smokers. And the litter! The paths are COVERED in butts. It's not just my hospital, when you drive by St Peters down the street the entire sidewalk in front of the hospital is full of people smoking.
At least before everyone who smoked was in this small area, now they can spread out wherever they want. So no matter which direction I walk, I have to smell it- and breathe it. Give the smokers back their shelter I say- and get them off my sidewalk.


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