Friday, June 06, 2008

19 weeks 

AS of 35 mins ago I am now 19 weeks pregnant. Holy mother. I can't believe I am halfway there. Only 4 more months... I am soooo not ready for this. But then- is anyone? I had my ultrasound today and it's a girl. It's a mixed bag of feeling. I'm happy, and can now bond with my little girl, however I am disapointed too for the boy I though- now I was CONVINCED- I was carrying. I guess because with a boy I could try and give him the things the "sperm donor" liked to do, whereas with a girl the pages are empty- I have NO idea what to do. I guess thats wht everyone says that you don't get instructions with a child!


I am so happy that you're having a girl! We are so much better than boys! (he-he!) You needn't worry about what to do with her, everything will fall into place. She'll be who she is, and will guide as to what she needs. You're gonna be a wonderful mommy!

By Anonymous Lori, at 3:38 PM  

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