Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Perfect Streak 

Well I broke the perfect streak today. After getting the Zofran from the doctors office I had gone almost a whole week without throwing up. If I made it through today it would have been 7 days. But I didn't. I had been making it through with only one pill a day, although there were some close calls around passover. Today I woke up feeling green and took one pill this am and another this evening and I still threw up. Yeah today sucked a little.
Oh, and my newest pet peeve- NOBODY serves caffine free drinks. Seriously. I went to the mall looking for maternity stuff (which also no one thinks to sell- it sucks, I'm not fitting in my normal clothes, but I'm too small still for maternity stuff. Noone sells anything in between). I was thirsty and wanted a drink and noone had anything decaf. If I was lucky I could get sprite or sierra mist. I don't particularily like either one. People at these places add things like Coke Zero or some fancy flavored something, but forget about those that can't have caffine grrrr.


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