Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Lynn 

I know readers this seems a little strange. I don't know if Lynn is reading this blog, but she found it once, and I'd like to know she might find this message some day.

I am sure that you dislike me as much as I dislike you. I am not sure why it is that a man cheats we blame the other women. I sure as hell didn't know he was involved with you- he kept telling me that you were always on his ass to date and he couldn't work out to get rid of you without you slashing his tires. That obviously wasn't true. And you probabley didn't know about me.
What I want to say isn't easy. What happened is done and can't be changed. But if you love him the way I have loved him- and love him still- then forgive him. Make him tell you the truth about everything, and then forgive him and go on with your lives together. Maybe he'll go back to being the man I knew and loved and so the stories I tell his child will be true.
In the end I may have his child, but you have his love. The one thing I will never again have.


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