Friday, February 15, 2008

The landing in Melbourne was terrible. I don’t know if it was my body finally saying “enough” or it was just the plane itself but I felt TERRIBLE afterwards. That brain numbing tingling was back, along with nausea. It reminded me of right before I had to go in the hospital last year when I just felt like I wanted to die. I felt a bit better once in the fresh air. Mum made sausages and I am not sure if my stomach has been Americanized, or if it was just from the landing I actually felt pretty nauseated again. The rattle in Dad’s car, nor the fact that I fell asleep didn’t help matters much. Met and had “a cuppa” with Marie, and got to play (or rather get covered with biscuit) with Ash (the baby grandson). I decided to take a nap before dinner and ended up sleeping through until 5am this morning. I guess I needed it. I missed a lamb roast with garlic bread, and I even slept through Dad taking Maries pajama’s out from under the pillow I was sleeping on. Good news is that my belly and head feel MUCH better, although I still have that lurking dizziness behind my eyes.


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