Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Flight 

There is nothing like the freezing cold to wake you up when you hoped to stay tired. After purposely not sleeping so that I could sleep on the plane the 9 below in Albany work me right up. We had to walk on the tarmac to get on the plane, and seeing as I had left my coat in Ana’s car (I don’t need it where I am going after all) I was very very cold. The ‘puddle jump’ to Dulles went well, except fpr the fact that they made the cabin so hot that the 10 degree weather was a relief. Then on to San Francisco. I got myself a cup of coffee and a Donut, and boarded the plane. I had a window seat so that makes for good sleeping, and I feel asleep on takeoff. Problem being that the previous mentioned cup of coffee was in the pocket in front of me for takeoff. And I ‘found’ it when I moved in my sleep and the still-hot coffee poured all the way down my leg. So the next 6 hours were wet, cold and uncomfortable. Luckily Glenn was doing laundry and I didn’t have to smell like coffee all the way to Australia. I ate my Panda Express and drank Jamba Juice which made me very happy, and then back on the plane. Unfortunately I got a middle seat (no wall to lean on to sleep nor easy access to the aisle) so it was not the most comfortable, luckily though the people I was sitting with was really nice. The girl next to me (Carol) was going to New Zealand, and while the guy on the aisle slept most of the way, as soon as one of us moved he’d get up to let us out, meaning no climbing. They even had a sharps container on board so I didn’t have to go digging for mine (which I think I forgot) while the light was on. About 3 hours before we landed (and 10 hours into the flight) I got up to do some stretches because my left knee had cramped and got to talking to a very cute nice guy (Steve I think his name was) coming home from Florida. As we were talking it came out that I was Australian. He laughed and said he thought I was a yank because of my accent. I guess I really do need to go home!!!! Well, 2 hours left and this battery is almost dead. I’ll write more when I can. *kisses*


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