Saturday, December 29, 2007


I remember a day 6 years and one month ago. I remember being woken up and told to turn on the TV. I remember watching the planes fly, the buildings burn, and then fall. I remember anguished faces. I remember an audience crying as we sang the national anthem.
I just watched the film United 93 for the first time. Before I watched it I'd heard theories that the whole thing is fake, that they got off a plane at some federal facility. I say to people saying these things- don't. Saying it didn't happen is like saying the Holocaust or some other terrible event isn't real. I did not loose a loved one that day. But I remember. And so should you.


I remember the day vividly. The shock and the disbelief that this was going on. The helpless feeling while hundreds died for what? A SELF INFLICTED WOUND!

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