Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on the House 

Well you all know that I wanted to redo my attic. Here I am posting some "work-in-progress" pictures. Still not finished... but it's getting there!!

This is the old attic:

Kevin and Ana Helped get the sheetrock to the attic (I didn't get any pictures of this phase- we were all too tired!!!) and then Ana, Tanya, Devin, Berkely and John helped me put them up (it only took 2 1/2 weeks!) Here is a picture of John helping (no not posed I swear!)

Tom came over to mud and tape, but ended up helping fix the walls- so Tanya and I taped (she'll kill me for this!):

This is the closet I put in. I am proud to say that other then some lifting help from John, I did this entire part by myself... and it works!

Finally, I am texturing the walls (which means making mud swirls on the drywall) and painting them blue.

Hopefully I'll have the painting part done by this weekend so I can start on the floors! The new windows won't be in until next week... I'll post finished pictures!


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