Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Jealousness 

Do you ever feel something that you know you shouldn't feel? I'm jealous. Bright Green. I introduced two of my closet friends- with the intent of them hooking up- and yes it worked. And it's great. And I am happy for them. They both deserve this, and I KNEW they were right for each other. But there is this other part of my that is madly jealous. Why? Because he is treating her the way I WANT to be treated. He's calling her every day. He'll text her to say he misses her. He'd be happy with nothing more then to cuddle. Dammit. I want that. I want a man to want me. I want someone to hold me at night. I'm tired of the guys who want nothing more then sex. I was out the other night with these two people I introduced and the drunk guy across the bar yelled across to me "Hey Breasts". That's all I feel I am sometimes. A big pair of tits that guys want. How is it that I can't find someone like the people my friends are?


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