Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why is it that I keep meeting guys, only to find out that all the want is to get in my pants? It's not that I don't enjoy the attention because we all know that I do, but it just seems the quest to find a relationship has become a fending off of those that are attracted but unavailiable. First- there is the doctor at work, great guy is completly enamoured with me..... but he's still legally married and so wants to keep things physical so he won't fall in love with me (yeah THAT'S what a girl wants to hear). Then there is half a dozen of the mohawk ambulance guys who want to "do" me. Then there is Potato Chip. We sort of started dating again, but then it's hard on both sides... I don't want to do the long distance thing, and he wants to be friends but finds me too irrisistable. So thats 4 or 5 right there. And then there is this other guy I've been speaking to who is REALLY sweet and makes me smile. He hasn't tried to get in my pants yet, he seems to honestly like me and want to maybe have a relationship. But there is the small difficulty of the fact that he has a girlfriend. So maybe it is just a sex thing. Too soon to tell.
I guess in the end I am jinxing myself. Tyring to work things out with Potato Chip while still flirting with others. It's the whole loving him and wanting to work it out with him while still trying to move on and find someone who will be there for me. I guess it just isn't working in my favor.


Wow, you really know how to pick them!!

By Blogger Gerard, at 9:32 AM  

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