Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bad News overflow 

You know, they say bad things happen in 3's. Sometimes I think it's more like 30's. It's been a rough two years for me and everytime I think I am getting ahead, I keep getting slapped with the bad luck wet fish. This particular run started when I was running late to work and got pulled over speeding. Ok- yes I was stupid. Anyway, turns out my licence was suspended- I had not responded to a ticket (Huh?) . So I am fighting that fight in court (I can't get a ticket if I didn't know I was breaking the law). And then my car insurance said that they were not renewing me because of my car accidents last year (too many claims). So I have to find new insurance while my licence is still on hold. Greeeaaaatttt.
I discussed more agressive medical options with my neurologist because of my frequent flares (2 in the last month and a half). We've decided to stay on the study because I am too scared of Tysrabi and I cant afford anything anyway. So he said he wants me to follow up soon, but that he's actually leaving. What a blow. I mean I was soooo lucky to be getting such a great Neurologist off the bat. I'm going to miss him.


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