Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Spender 

I have never in my life spent more money at a single location- except of course buying my house and a car. But those are big purchases. I'm talking a local department/chain store. In fact, I have never spent that much money that quickly ever. The house took me a month, and the car a week. Today I spent $5,390 in an hour. One hour. That's a lot of f*ing money. In the end I guess it is all worth it. I got a lawn mower, 50 sheets of sheetrock, 2000 sq ft of flooring, closet doors and new windows. And I still have $600 left to buy paint, lights, and odds and ends that I need.
I'm nervous and excited. That's a LOT of money, but I am hoping that in the end it all works out. I am able to finish the attic and the basement, which increases the value of my house. Hopefully that will mean a better refinance deal and the ability to take enough out to pay for the improvements and a little bit more so I can go home for all these weddings I have. I'll keep posting pictures as the work progresses.


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