Sunday, April 22, 2007

I hate nights 

It's not that I hate night time really, but that working nights has completly screwed with my sleeping schedule. The All-nighters for my thesis haven't helped at all either. I'm so used to staying awake until midnight or 1am, that trying to fall asleep any earlier- even when I have the luxery to do so- is impossible.
Thursday night I pulled a second all nighter in a row to finish my Primate paper due Friday (I put it off for my thesis- that was a mistake!). Friday I went to my classes, was home by 2pm and passed out. I slept until 7, woke up, watched the hockey game, ate dinner and then was back in bed by 9pm. I had been falling asleep in front of the TV, but after crawling I talked to my Dad, and when we hung up I was AWAKE. I knew I had to be up at 5am the next morning to be at work by 7am, so I lay there. For 2 hours. I gave up and finally read, turnig out my light at 2am. I didn't fall asleep until 3. Let me tell you- the 16 hour shift I had to work Saturday REALLY sucked on so little sleep.
And all because my body is used to being awake at that time.


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