Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I LOVE to sleep. There is nothing in this world I cherish then my bed. Cuddling up with the kitties (or another warm body if I have one) under the warmth is heaven. Especially if I have a book in hand. I have had so little sleep recently, but I still cherish what I do get.
But what I am surprised about is how easy it has been to adjust my sleep schedule. It used to be that I got up at 6am, had work and school and then slept by 10. Now, I get up at 8, and school and work until midnight. Much longer day. And I have been picking up overnight shifts. For someone who used to get up at 6am, working from 3pm to 7am that's quite the opposite of what I was used to. I am surprised how non-tired I was by the end of the shift.
Well, I guess you can get used to anything.


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