Sunday, March 04, 2007

Waste of Tax Payer Money 

You know what REALLY drives me crazy? The waste of tax money that happens in public hospitals here in America. They talk about cutting medicaid and medicare for those who really need it, and hospitals are having out budgest chopped to pieces and we can barely afford to take care of our patients......
And then they have rules that say we can never turn a patient away. Ok- I understand the gist of that, it means we can't turn someone away who can't pay us- all well and good. But do you know what this truely means? It means that on any given night in the ED we have at least 2 Drunks (Usually 4 or 5) sleeping it off in the hallway. People who are not sick, wasting money and space that could be better used for someone else. But we can't send them away. We can't tell them to go home and sober up.
And instead of gratitude these people pee on the floor, yell, and spit, and then once they have slept it off demand food before walking off. What a fucking waste of taxpayor money.


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