Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Right vs Left 

One of the things I have discovered in the last 6 months of being on this drug study is that you CAN get used to anything. I never thought I would be blase about injections. Even blood draws don't bother me anymore.... although the gadnum shot STILL bothers me... it FEELS funny and really uncomfortable.
One of the other things i have discovered is one that surprises me just as much. I am right handed, so you would expect me to be better with the shots with my right hand. Not so.... once a month I have to shoot my IM into my right arm, which means I have to use my left hand. Surprisingly, that is the ONE IM shot that rarely ever hurts. Plus I seem to hesitate less with the Left- maybe because I have less control and so i stick it right in before I loose the angle. I think I am going to try using my left more often, and see if it effects the pain factor.


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