Thursday, December 14, 2006

Learning and Playing Ball 

Well today was my first Invision training day at work. Yet again I felt frustrated by group training. I don't know whether I am some supper smart person, just quick at learning or if everyone else is just slow, but i was continuely waiting for everyone else to catch up to the point that I am at. I feel that I could learn so much faster without others, and that they hold me back. I always feel bad for feeling that way, but it's so darn frustrating.

On another note I am dog sitting one of the Homeward Bound dogs- Yoshi and pure bred female Akita. For those who know nothing about Akita's, they are VERY protective dogs, and I have to be careful with the cats- as long as they stay away from her I am fine. But they are NOT happy with me. If you think of a sterotypical Holoween cat (arched back, hissing, puffy tail) that was Ninja. Baby has disapeared in the hosue somewhere.
Yoshi and I played ball for about 10 mins, she has learned to put the ball on the Ottoman I have the laptop on instead of the floor. She is such a smart girl.


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