Sunday, November 19, 2006


Mostly, I hate to shop. Don't get me wrong, I love buying stuff for my house (which is why I have so damn much of it!) but clothes are another story. Shirts, I can deal with, I usually find SOMETHING nice. But pants- I can try on 40 pairs and NOT find something that fits me properly. I have a big ass (BTW Thanks Glenn for saying it was nice), a belly (slowly shrinking), and hips, but no waist. There is rarely a pair of pants out there that actually fits over my tuchas (ass for non-Jews) that does gape at the back and is too loose around the waist. If I find a pair of "hipsters" They usually fall down, or I get "plummers pants" (ie showing crack). Last night I went to a movie with lori (I should have been studying) and she dragged me off to Gap (Where I bought 3 tanks for $15) and then to JC Penney.
I tired on a pair of pants- PERFECT fit. The FIRST pair. No back gaping, no sliding. And they were only $20. ANd then I tried on a second pair. A little higher than I like, but again- perfect. I ended up with both pairs for $40. Not a bad days' work.
I guess the fact that I spent my grocery money just means my waist will shrink a little faster :)


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