Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Negative of Habits 

In high school I learned how to paint with oils. There was rarely a time when I was not painting something either at home or school. There is however a negative side of this that I just discovered tonight. I was putting primer on my porch columns and caps, knowing that it was an oil based paint. It wasn't until about halfway through when i was thinking of cleanup etc when I realised- I don't have any turpentine (mineral spirits for you yanks) in the house. CRAP This means that I just ruined my $7 brush because I have no way to clean it. When I was finished, I got out my 90% rubbing alcohol thinking that may work... no it was just stinky.
So my brush is ruined and my hands are raw from the scrubbing of a fingernail scrubber.


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