Friday, November 17, 2006

My ABC's 

A - Available: Yes I'm Single
A - Age: 27
A - Annoyance: Waiting for people
B - Best feature: Breasts **However both Glenn and Gerard tell me it's my ass**
B - Beer: I don't drink
B - Birthday: 10 August
C - Crush: I don't know any more.
C - Car: Chevy Cobalt
C - Candy: Clinkers :) Cherry Ripe
D - Day or night: Night
D - Dream Cars: The one I drive now, or a BMW
D - Dogs or Cats: cats
E - Eggnog: Only with Cinnamon
F - Favorite color: Blue
F - Favorite Band: None
G - Gummy Bears or Worm: worms
H - Hair Color: brown
H - Height: 5'5" ish
H - Happy: I'm trying
I - Ice Cream: Caramel. Or those chocolate covered strawberry bites MMMMmmmm
I - Instrument: Like I am THAT talented!
J - Jewelry: watch and necklace.
J - Job: Glorified Paper Pusher
K - Kids: I want 3
K - Kickboxing or karate: karate
K - Kindergarten: Yes
L - Longest Car Ride: California to Maine in 3 days.
M - Milk Flavor: Strawberry
M - Most missed memory: Sleeping over with Lyndall.
M - Movie Last Watched: Um, Stick it
N - Number of Siblings: 1
N - Number of Tattoos: 1
N - Nickname: jennie, jen, Legna, Stinky, Legs
O - One wish: To make everything in my life right again
O - One regret: Terminating. Contacting his parents
P - Part of your appearance you like best: Shoulders
P - Piercings: Ears
Q - Quick or Slow? both
R - Reason to smile: Dog Adoption day
R - Reality TV Show: I don't watch any.
S - Song: always changing
T - Time you woke up: 5:30
T - Time Now: 11:09am
T - Time for bed: I wish.
U - Unpredictable: Probabley
U - Underwear: Bikini
V - Vegetable you hate: tomato
V - Vacation spot: Anywhere but here
W- Worst habit: Impulsiveness
W- Where are you going to travel next: Hopefully home
X - mas- I wish
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: Warmth
Z - Zoo Animal: The Big Cats


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