Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My best friend Lyndall says that I always seem able to take the lemons that life throws at me and turn it into leomonade. Well I am sick and tired of lemons. I am tired of hating myself for terminating. I am tired of being tired. I am tired of loving and missing J. I am tired of not being able to accept what 4 tests have told me.
Today was the final straw. What have I done in this life to not get a break? A car hit on it's breaks suddenly, the car in front of me had no taillights and guess what. The had to tow my brand new car. I haven't even done my first fricken oil change yet!! I am so upset and angry and just completly drained. How can I keep going at this rate. I need a break... something good in my life. I've had enough of the negative.


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