Thursday, August 24, 2006

Buyers Remorse 

Anyone who has ever made a big purchase will tell you that the next morning they wake up with the quinessential question- why the hell did I buy that? Typicall called buyers remorse, it usually strikes on a product that you CAN'T return. Like a car. Every car I have ever purchased has come with a liberal dose of this remorse, even when I desperatly needed the vehicle. It's accompanied by disapointment in your choice and the wish you had looked longer, or found something better, or that you hadn't bought at all.
So since I spent WAY more money than I can afford on this new car of mine I have been waiting for the buyers remorse to kick in. It hasn't. I have never been more pleased with a vehicle. From the way she handles to the way the leather feels on the steering well, to the stereo to the seats. I love this car. In fact, this is the first car I have ever actually named.


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