Friday, July 28, 2006

War on "terror" 

Every day I listen to NPR radio to and from work, and they are a great sourse of news information- on healthcare and laws, and debates about laws. Recently though, one of the biggest pieces has been about Iraq, Lebanon and Israel and the call for a cease fire. Usually I use this blog for personal feelings, and I suppose this one is no different, except that it's more of an opion than anything else.
Persoanally I support Israel is this whole conflict. I'm sure part of it is because I am Jewish, but honestly, that didn't even occur to me until I wrote that sentance. I feel that every nation has a right to defend itself (as our President says) and that both the rockets and the kidnapping of soldiers is too much to "let slide". From what I know of the historical perspective of the middle east, Israel has time and again shown itself to be both more militarily competant and more willing to back down. It's almost like they are flexing their muscles- look I can defeat you, but I choose not too. America is seen as pro-Israel, but I think that if the situation was reversed and Israel kidnapped and bombed Lebanon first and Lebanon responded, we'd be supporting them instead. I don't think it's an "Isreal stance" more of a defend yourself stance.
However, I think Israel is shooting itself in the foot. You can't deny that the bombing in the beginning was very effective. And true, it is hard to target Hezballa (sp) directly as they are hit and run warriors (as I call them). However, Israel is turning away any support they may have gotton from the local population and neighbouring arab states. By killing massive amounts of citizens they are making those who didn't take sides before now side with Hezballa. You can see it in the attitudes of leaders of Jordan or Egypt, who instead of siding with the US and Israel point of view, are calling more and more for a cease fire. Israel is not winning this war- and even if they do defeat Hezballa in this conflict, they will have opened the way for new groups to rise. No one likes a neighbour who kills friends and family, even in a time of war.
Honestly, I think that Israel needs to look at new avenues for defeating Hezballa without calling the wrath of the rest of their neighbours. Maybe they can call on Lebanon and ask for a joint armed force to root out Hezballa. Or even all the Arab nations. Maybe they could agree to stop the carpet bombing and only bomb a known and confirmed Hezballa location. Or offer supplies to those displaced and to help rebuild houses they distroyed. Honestly, the way this war has been seen by arabs as directed at arabs. Israel needs to show that it is not, and killing citizens is NOT the way to do it.


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