Monday, July 17, 2006


I am surrounded by Baby's, Baby things and Baby news. I can't seem to escape it. I thought that sitting in an OBGYN office looking at pregnancy and expectant mothers while waiting for my turn was hard, but then afterwards....
We went to Walmart twice once for pads (Yuk!!) where I ran into a woman with a newborn who was also buying them, and the second time for pain killers and a thermoter when I saw no less than a dozen women with babies. J wanted some ice tea, so we walked towards that area, right past the baby section. Sunday, after J had left, I tried to go get some food and I went to Applebees, and was served by one of the most pregnant women I have seen. A table was sat 3 booths down, with a baby a couple months old. Today, I went to city hall to pay my taxes. Baby in his mothers arms. I come back to work, one of the residents tells me his wife is expecting.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Make it STOP please. The regret is like a stone in my belly even as the relief lifts the weight from my shoulders.


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