Thursday, July 20, 2006


Have you ever read a book where another book is mentioned? I'm not talking series, but seperate authors. Author A writes in their book and mentions something about the work of Author B. Usually crossovers take the form of just mentioning the title of the book, or the lead charecture quoting something from a book. Last night I was reading Into the Wilderness by Sarah Donati and I saw the BEST crossover I've ever seen.
One of my favorite book series is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Without giving too much away her charectures are Claire and Jaime Fraiser and they have a nephew named Ian Fraiser. Part of one of Gabaldon's book takes place in the America's during the War of Independance (Well we think so- it hasn't been published yet, though I have read excerpts from it).
So there is this section in Wilderness (which is set in the same time period) where the main female charecture is hearing a story about her new husband that involes him rescueing a young sick child during a battle. He talks about one of the soldiers he is with- Ian Murray. Ian helps Nathanial take the sick boy to the white witch- his Aunt Claire Fraiser and husband Jaime. I thought that was so cool! She didn't just quote the book or something, she included the charectures! At first I thought she had just used the name Ian Murray and that it was a fairly simple common name. But when she used the words White Witch (which Gabaldon uses all the time for Claire) I realised that she had "borrowed" their "lives" and put them in her book.
Yeah ok so I am a geek and I got excited :)


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