Thursday, July 06, 2006

Animal News 

Wow it's been so long since I have posted. I have so much to update in this blog. But let me tell you about what happened today.
Since Katrina I have been a member of a group called NDARS (National Disaster Animal Rescue Society). I wanted to be associated with a group so that when (if) something happens again I can be called to go and do my part. Well they called me today and have asked me to be the coordinator for the state of New York. YAY! What this means is that I will be repsonsible for coordinating rescue efforts of the people in my state that are a part of this group.
I need to do the EARS training (which I wanted to do anyway) and finish the FEMA training but both of those were things I wanted to do anyway.
Plus, last weekend I talked to the Hudson Valley Humane society about projects for the Honor Society. They also mentioned they were looking for someone to help their Animal Cruelty office, which sounds perfect for me. Maybe when it's time for me to come to school full time I should go into animal work instead of staying at the hospital. Although that would be hard medically, ,emotionally it might be worth it.


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