Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I hate needles. I'm sorry, I don't care HOW medically necessary they may or may not be, I hate them. Whenever I get blood drawn I always make sure I turn my head away, my whole body gets tense until after the needle is in. Well today is the day that I start the drug trial for the MS, which means that I will be giving myself an injection 8 times a week. Capaxone, which is everyday shouldn't be too bad, it's auto injector, so I just press a button and it does it's own thing. But the Avonex, which is once a week, I have to actually stick it in, make sure I haven't hit anything critical and press the plunger. So today and my pre-med blood draw I watched while she put in the needle to draw blood, I forced myself not to tense myself up. I honestly think it hurt worse when I watched.
I am really NOT looking forward to 12.


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