Monday, May 22, 2006

Honor among Representatives 

I personally think there is an unwritten honor code among Avon representatives. If you ask a friend or someone if they are intrested in Avon and they tell you that they have a representative then you leave well enough alone. It's rude to steal someone else's customer. Well there is one lady who has done just that. She's a friend of Shaz, one of the girls I work with, they know each other from Mosque. She came by- "hey I didn't know you worked here", She offered Avon, Shaz said "I buy from Jennie". She left catalouges anyway. How RUDE. Anyway, She's come by every two weeks, and seeing as she is 2 campaigns ahead of me a couple of my girls order from her. I think that's one of the nastiest things a rep can do- steal someone else's customers.


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