Saturday, May 13, 2006


I have never felt this tired in my entire life. I have also never felt this much pressure to perform. I really shouldn't be writing this blog entry, I should be working on the two papers I have due on Monday. One I feel that I can write a good paper, but I know I need to support it from the readings of the class and I am not sure I can do that- I haven't prepared enough. The professor was so nice and understanding when I asked for more time. After everything I was going through, trying to wrap my head around with what the doctor had told me, he was so willing to give me whatever I needed. He even came to me before class the next week to find out how I was feeling, make sure that I was ok, he said to email him if I need anything at all. He even offered an incomplete, which would give me the summer to write the paper, but I don't want to take a mile. There are some professors you meet in life that you just want to perform miracles for. He's challeging and stimulating, a lot like Monfasani is without all the challenging philiosophy reading (thank god!). I wish there was more of his classes inside my major.
The other paper is harder. It's professor Warner again. He means well, and is one of those professors you want to please, just because he is so nice. But he bores me to death in class. You'd think someone teaching Roman history would have such a fascinating topic and so much variety that you could never 'kill it'. Oh so wrong, every semester there are people that fall asleep in his class. I couldn't focus this semester and everything that's happening now is making it that much harder. While I know I am getting an A (so far except the last paper) in the previous class I mentioned, and probabley an A in Latin (unless I completley tanked the final), I am going to be lucky to get a B- in this class. My first two exams I got C+'s. I NEED to write the paper of my life to bring my grade up. But I just can't seem to focus at all. I feel like I learned nothing this semester in his class. *sigh*
And to top it all off, like I said I am exhausted. I was tired yesterday, couldn't focus, felt like I was in a fog. I had the party last night ($200 in free candles yay), and then J came over meaning we didn't go to sleep until 2am. I was awake at 6 to get him off to where he needed to go, and then slept until 10 when I had my Avon girls come over (1 more and I can finally make some more income), they left at 1.30 and by 2 I was passed out in bed again. I didn't wake until 6. And I still feel like I need to sleep. But I've only got 1/3 of the first page of the first paper written. And instead of concentrating I am writting this blog.


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