Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DIY Home Ownership 

One of the things I was most looking forward to when it came to owning a home was being able to do whatever I wanted with it. I've painted a bedroom and the cellar (I'll post some before and after shots as soon as I find my camera) and patched some wall holes. But until now that has been it. Sure I've got some big plans- I want to put in a pond and redo my porch, and put in a glass shower door, and redo my attic, and so much else. One of the many projects I had planned was to refinsh the floors in my house. They are wood, and in both the living room and my bedroom they are the worse for wear. THe living room was patchy and looking like it had rugs down that wore off the finish, and the bedroom was all scratched up.
So, being that I had a 3 day weekend, I decided the hell with it and re-did my floors. And to answer your question, no I have never done it before. I went to Home Depot, rented the sander, got the sealer and poly, and lots of sandpaper for the sander.
Boy am I HURTING today. The floors look great, and I am REALLY happy I did it, but remind me next time I have some big idea to do a project like this- take two days to do the work, prepare your rooms before the day before, and find someone's house to crash at, not a couch in your kitchen!


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