Thursday, April 20, 2006


Why is it that a pen can produce so many different things from the one hand? I don't understand my writting. I mean, I will write something, a short story or my current "novel" attempt and it reads like all kinds of childish trash. Short choppy, like I am in a rush to get to the next point in the story without ever really getting to any point in the story. I know what I want this story to be about, I have the broad plotline down, but I can't seem to write ANYTHING about it. I have a few good discriptions, and some great mental images, but I can't seem to get them on paper.
And then I seem to write these GREAT sweeping saga's in my head, stuff that I can't wait to get down, and by the time i get to a pen, it's gone. And when I try and recreate it, it's a bunch of jumbeled crap that conveys nothing. I don't know how many fantastic scenes I have lost.
So I decided to take a page from the creative writing class i took in 12th Grade here in the US back in 96. I've taken out my old journal and just started writing random stuff. I carry it around with me, so that if I ever get this great sentance I can get it down right away. I wrote a handful of stuff and then I went back and read some of my old journal entries.
Not that I am trying to be immodest or anything, but there is some GOOD stuff there. I've got one great description of John that I have to work in somewhere, and then a dream sequence with a sentance in it that just lept off the page, and a death/abuse scene that was great- (where did I get that???). There is also a few other pieces that are not so good in themselves, but have a great base that maybe I can work with.
So what is it that I can write these powerful descriptions and sketches- or rather pictures of time- where you capture a feeling of a person or a scene- and I know they are good. The one I read last night made me want to cry, or comfort the person I was reading about, which I think it's great seeing as I wrote it. And yet, i can't seem to write a story longer than 2 pages. I know I write better when I am feeling depressed, so maybe the key is to tell my friends to be meaner to me. I don't know. But I know, I love to write.


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