Saturday, April 22, 2006


I think I have found a new sport. Living in Australia I grew up with heart pounding sports where every second could mean a change in the game. It's not like American football where they stop every 2 seconds making it all strategy. I like sports where you're adrenalin starts pumping along with the TV and you find yourself screaming at the screen and leaping in the air.
When I lived with Glenn I watched NFL, Wrestling, and when I started dating Jon I even watched Rugby. Of all those Rugby was the most intresting, but it wasn't blood boiling screaming joy. Watching swimming with Jon was exciting, but mainly because of his excitement.
This year I have been watching ice jockey, in particular the Buffaol Sabres. The intent at first was because they are Jon's team and he couldn't get the games in New Hampshire, so I watched and reported the score. As I watched and learned I started to get hooked. I started watching the games for myself. ANd now, I am watching the playoffs and realised, I really really really like this sport. Sure, it's not Aussie rules or cricket, but it's making my adrenalin run and my heart pound.
Yup, the Buffalo Sabres have a new fan.


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