Thursday, April 20, 2006

News from my world 

It's been a while since I blogged any "life" stuff so just to update those who read this crazy thing:

-I am going to be a TA (teachers Assistant) next semester for a Roman History class.
-I am building a pond in my backyard.... well after I clean out all the dead crap back there.
-I painted my mudroom blue and the spare bedroom green (no more pink!)
-The basement was going to be: the bottom third burgandy red, the top third like a terracotta. But there is too much red, so I am only going to finish the red behind the bar, the rest will all be terracotta.
-Jon and I are still together and I still hate the distance
-I am thinking of getting a newer car. (Thinking? No- really really really desperatly wanting- but finaces holding me back.) Thinking of saying screw finances I want a car.
-I got accepted into the history honors program, which means I have to write a thesis (eep!). My overall topic right now: The economic and social situaions in 18th C England that led to transportantion. In particular the severe poverty and harsh penal code fo even petty crimes.
-I think I want to teach Australian history when I am done. I will have to branch out and be able to teach some European history too, Australia is kind of small here in the states.
-I am still dizzy, although mainly now at night and in the AM or when I have just plain not had enough sleep. I go to the Neuro next week.


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