Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I don't think I have even been so darn nervous about something. I head out to New Orleans on Friday night. I think it might be the drive that scares me most. 22 hours. UG.
Today I went up to employee health to get my tetnus shot updatated. (Me WILLINGLY going to get a needle- WTF?) Unfortunatly they only have the combination type with the Diptheria in it. I will never have DP again, not after the last one- I will not walk around with my arm 4 sizes too big. Ok maybe it wasn't 4 sizes bigger last time, but still, not worth it.
But I am excited too. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will REALLY be making a difference. A dog fed, a cat rescued, a loved pet found, an owner tracked down. I think one of the things that makes me nervous is money. I don't have a lot and I know that my taxes are due in the beginning of Jan- this is a trip that I really can't afford, but it's too important to me.
We'll see :D


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