Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Money comes from the devil. I swear it. It doesn't matter how many times I get myself to the top of that heap, I always get side swiped off by some money issue. I work 2 jobs, I try to do good deeds, what do i need to do to stay on top?? I mean I FINALLY own a house, jumped through hoops and I was stressing a little about my taxes and making sure I had enough when they were due, and being able to afford to go to New Orleans.....

And today I went to court. Against my Slumlord. I was prepared, I had all my paperwork proof. Until he lied. Said he fixed the problems. The judge and the law of course are always on the side of the landlord and thus I need to find 1000 to pay back rent. Not only that, he has the GALL to tell me that he is keeping my deposit because of the damage to the house. OMG That damage existed before I moved in!!! What the hell was I supposed to do? The judge said that because the landlord bought the house in that condition it is not his fault (like me complaining for 5 months is not his fault).

*sigh* Now I need to decide, do I pay and just get him out of my life (and if I pay, where do I find the money) or do I counter sue and risk loosing??


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