Sunday, December 11, 2005


Why is it that no matter how much I give I always wich I could do more. Some days I hate having to go to work, not because I hate my job, but because I feel like there is a better way I COULD be spending my time. I've been doing friendly visits with the hospital for a year now, and have recently been working with Stealth Volenteers trying to reuinte animals with their owners after Hurricane Katrina, with the Aids Society serving diner, and so many other small projects. Over Christmas I am heading to New Orleans to do Animal recue with ARNO.
I KNOW I am doing everything I can... I mean I have to work, I have to afford my bills, but I really wish there were more hours in the day and thnat I was able to do more things.
I am watching extreme Home Makeover and each story I see makes me cry. Each thing I see, it makes me want to jump up and do something about it. I know that each time I step up and help with something I am making life better for one person, but there are so many out there that needs help. I really wish I could do so much more.
So many projects so many things I want to do.....


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