Sunday, October 02, 2005


What else would I write about right?? Well I looked at 5 houses today. Well, almsot 5. The first house we hit was on Clayton Rd- a very nice quiet neighbourhood with a nice big lot. But the house was VERY small (863 sq ft), 3 bedrooms but all abount only 10x10 each. Plus the washer and dryer were in seperate rooms, so I put it on the maybe list. The 2nd house was on Albany St, this was the one we didn't actually see. We got there, to be greated by someone who said she was a tenant who had just moved in and had a year lease. The neighbours seemed really "rough" so as the owner didn't show up on time we decided to move on to the next house. The next was on Chrisler Ave. The neighbourhood was not as quiet or as nice as the Clayton Rd house, but it was definatly bigger. 4 Rooms upstairs and a huge living and dining room downstairs. But there was no stove or fridge, and the upstairs bathroom was very small and DEFINATLY needed updating. There was a lot of potentional and the price was great- only 65K. So I put it on the maybe list. The next house we looked at was 8th Ave. It was a cute house outside and a nice neighbourhood. The seller was very motivated to sell, and when we walked inside we knew why. A Tenant had TRASHED the place. There was 2 bedrooms and they were both Tiny, and the place was a nightmare. That was a big no. Finally we stopped at Carrie St. It's right by Union college and although the beginning of the street is not the best, it's a dead end street and the house is at a very nice end. It has a set of stairs with flowers on each side. The owners were home, a nice young couple with a 2 year old child. Anyway, the house was lovely. Wood floors throughout, a nice entryway, a large living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 about 12x12 and a bigger one, about 12x20. The kitchen was nice and big, although it is an eat in kitchen which cramps the space a little. The back yard is very nice, with a great little veggie garden. The Basement is semi-finished, with a bathroom, and a pellet heater which helps keeps the costs down. The taxes are not as high as many other areas either. Basically, Its perfect. I am sitting down with my real estate agent to make an offer tomorrow. The only thing I think I would have to change is that the "guest room" in pink. It's small, around 1000sq ft. But it's not cramped. So I am happy with it.


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