Monday, September 19, 2005


So in case you didn't know, I was given Phantom tickets on Broadway in NYC for my birthday. The show was on Friday. So I had spent the last month trying to find someone to go with me. J couldn't go because he couldn't get any more time off from work. My grandmother couldn't go because she was moving. Finally my Aunt said she really wanted to go. So I thought I would take her.
Friday rolls around, I get up around 8 and I have my whole day planned- stop at the bank, stop at p hut, get a shirt, do the dishes and some tidying, and leave by 12.
So I head off to the bank- drop off some paperwork for the mortgage. Then I head over to Pizza Hut to check my schedule. No one is there so I head across the st to Fashion bug to buy a shirt. (I found a GREAT dress for $7, a bridesmaid type mauve dress, very pretty). So far so good. I head back to pizza hut to get my schedule, and then I head home to do the dishes, finish some laundry and all that jazz.
However, on the way home, I am driving in the fast lane with a car next to me and another behind me. I see in front of me a piece of rubber tire in the road in front of me. I realise there is nothing I can do to avoid it, and so I try and get it under my car. I guess I hit it just right because the next thing I hear is a loud POP and suddenly my car is tilted to the left. I quickly pull over and realise that I have a tire with no air in it. By this point it is 11.30, I know I am going to have to get my tire fixed and god knows how long it would take for a tow truck to arrive (I know how to change a tire thanks to Jon, but I don't have a jack). Luckily, there was someone stopped right in front of me and she had called AAA, who was nice enough to change my tire too. Back on the road at 11.45 I know that time is running short. I go home, grab the things I need for the weekend and decide that dishes will have to wait, and I go to Walmart to get a tire fix.
The tech at Walmart takes one look at my tire and says "We can't do anything for you, your rim is chipped" And sure enough, there is a HUGE chip off the edge of my rim right where the seal of the tire was. So I had to search around for a new rim AND a new tire. Finally I ended up at a dealership, where they put on a rim and new tire. $350 later it's now 1.30. I am seriosly late to pick up my Aunt. I have been calling her all this time to keep her updated, and been getting the answering machine. So I call my grandmother, and my Aunt answers.
It turns out she had gotton the date wrong and couldn't go. I had no one else to take with me, so I ended up going it alone.
At this point I am looking forward to having a good evening- I needed it. I get into the city, and I guess I went a long way because I paid a LOT in tolls. Then I found parking. I had changed in the car so I had my nice new dress on, and I head into the show. The good news at this point is that I can use my unused ticket some time in the future. The seats were not awful, They were Orchastra seats. However, it was all the way at the end of the isle so there was 1/4 of the stage that I could not see. But that's ok. Speed to Intermission. I am thirsty. I went to the concession stand and got a diet coke and a small kit kat to nibble on. $7. I nearly cried. A small plastic cup filled with ice and a little soda. I figure, this is NYC and go back to the show. By the time the show is over I realise that I can't really afford to stay in the city. My bank account wasn't screaming any more, it was just wimpering. I go to get my car, $35. Holy cow....$35 to park for just over 2 hours???? Holy crap. By this point I only have $7 in my wallet, which is a LOT less than I used on tolls in the first place. So I figure I'll have to get out of the city and find an ATM.
So driving down 44th St, and I get to times square.
Stuck behind a bus that is turning left, I am sitting in the crosswalk when he finally goes and I realise the light it red and I can't go anywhere. There are people walking around my car, both front and back so I sit and wait for the light to change. When the light changes, I sit and wait for the people to get out of in front of my car. And I wait. And Wait. Finally I start edging forward so people will get out of my way. Instead of moving, one guy reaches out and WAM smack right on the front of my car. As if I was in the wrong for going at a green light. By this point I am feeling more than frazzeled. Finally a cop comes up and makes people stop walking so I can go.
Driving home i end up on the 95 instead of the 87 and drive over 2 hours out of my way to get home.

So over all, the show was good- but I am not sure that the whole day was worth it.

Oh- and I will never drive in New York City again!


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