Thursday, July 07, 2005

Moving Again- maybe 

Well this new apartment has turned into a waking nightmare and I am now not sure which place is worse- the one the landlord never responded to our maintenance calls and left us to our own devices or the aprtment with no working stove that was never cleaned and has now been sold.
Yes, my landlord sold the property, and as it takes much longer than a month to close on a house it means that he was in the process of selling it at the same time he was renting it to me. I had become tired of waiting for them to fix the stove so I said I woudl get a new one and take it out of rent, whereby the landlords wife went into a fit screaming that she had tried be nice, but that it was my responisibility to replace it (due to an addendum on the lease I signed that if something happened to them I would be repsonsible, but by law that can't cover something that was broken BEFORE I moved in), and that she had sold the property and I was the "problem" of the new landlord and she was glad she had "let" me out of my lease, and then she said she hopped that they raised my rent.
I only moved in a month ago, so I am understandably upset by the whole deal. A coworker has family that are lawyers and are willing to help me- I am waiting to see what the new landlord does. If they replace my stove and keep my rent the same than I will not kick up a stink- however if they don't replace it or do raise the rent then I will definatly be very upset.
I don't really want to move again- I just finally finished unpacking and I gave my neighbour a LOT of my boxes to use when she moves to Texas in August. I wish that I could just buy a small property and be done with it. Something I could fix up for myself instead of for other people who don't appreciate it. I am so tired of renting!


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