Saturday, July 09, 2005

Memories and Fishes 

As I said before I just started my fish tank about a week ago. Well this morning I came out to find that one of them died. He was alive last night when I fed them, but was on the bottom of the castle this morning. It was the smallest Mollie I had nicknamed Tag (it had a tag in the tail and he liked to chase the other fishes). I am also worried that one of the red fins is going to go too... he won't eat at all and is hiding behiond the plants. I might stop at the fish store tomorrow and ask what I can do.

On another note- last night I was watching Coyoty Ugly and the main charecture in it reminded me a little of Lyndall. It's mainly in the mouth and the big smile and expressions. I can't wait until I can get home to hang out with her again.


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