Friday, July 08, 2005


So after I posted about the crappy landlord situation I thought- why DON'T I try and buy a house- all they can say is no right? So I did some calculations and worked out that I can afford around 100K. There are some GREAT pieces of land for sale for less than 20K- I wonder how much one of those manufactured homes cost. There are also some houses (including 2 family places) for sale less than that, but most of them are REALLY run down or in not-so-good neighbourhoods. I don't know that I want to get a place that I will spend the next 50 years fixing. There is one place, a quaint old victorian that looks so nice, although it does need a little TLC (new paint, carpet etc) and the bedrooms have really low ceilings, but it might be good for me. I think I will hit up a bank and see if I can maybe pull something off. Not getting my hopes up though, I can't even get money for school, let alone a house!


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