Thursday, July 28, 2005

Home Buying 

ARG- why can't any descion be easy?? I filed the last of my paperwork for prequalification, now I wait with baited breath to find out if I can get any type of homeloan. I have to keep telling myself that I will get denied, but there is this bubble of hope that lives inside me that the rental years will be over. I have been looking around at places that I could afford based on my monthly payments. And I stumbled across manufactured homes. For 30-50K (or less) I could get a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, fireplace 1600sq ft home. Brand new. Needless to say- I am MORE than tempted by that. I would have to find land of course, unless I bought into a community. But It's better than living in the crime ridden Albany. However, the 2 family in Albany would enable me to rent out half to cover my mortgage. AND in a few years allow me to buy a second home. So which do I do???
I shouldn't even be thinking about the choices before I get the loan- but I can't help it.


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