Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter 

Well I finally recieved the new Harry Potter 2 nights ago. I gave in and ordered it from Barnes and Noble thinking that with a 3 day delivery time I would have time to re-read the first 5 before tackling the new one. However- it came Monday- 2 days earlier than I expected. It's sitting on my couch now- staring at me. It calls my name "Read me... reeeaaaddd me." It's hard to resist. I managed to read books 1-3 over the weekend and I start 4 Monday finished yesterday, and am now halfway through 5. Work has become 8 hours of temptation to keep the book in my bag, and tonight is worse as I have to do the pizza hut gig too. Lets hope that I finish 5 tonight so I don't just break down and skip it!


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