Monday, June 06, 2005


Wow am I ever tired. In fact I am so tired I almost don't have the energy to write this post (man I'm pathetic). I have GOT to quit going to bed at midnight or later. Planned on going to bed early yesterday- especially seeing as the housewarming was a flop, but eneded up getting sucked into the TV (Cable ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh), reorganized all my books, then Jon came over 11.30 and I helped him fill out his application for his new apartment. They had sent it over as a jpg and his comment was "How do I type into this thing".... so I helped him edit it using psp. So we didn't head to bed until 12.30, and with one thing and another we had to get up again at 1.30 to jump in the shower (I would give more than a PC version but I know my mother reads this!). So we finally fell asleep about 2am, and this morning I had to get up at 6....

Ok I am rambling... Anyway, point made- I'm tired.


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