Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I hate the way your memory plays tricks on you. It's finals time at school and I have been studying hard so that I can pull off an A in my classes. Is tight this semester as I have not been spending as much time as I would have liked due to the extra job, but I put in what I could. I sat there for HOURS trying to memorize ID's and Dates for my Christian History class (what the hell was I thinking- I hate theology!) only to find that I could never call the details up by will. Sat down for the final and was very worried, nothing was being puled out of the "filing cabinet" of my brain. I did fairly well though. I knew most of the ID's he had chosen for the exam, the tough part was choosing which ones to write about. Apart from the cramps and the inability to straighten my fingers afterward I think I did Ok (god I hope I don't jinx myself!) So last night, I am showering after my run (yes I am trying to squeeze in some god ol' excercise) I found myself easly spouting and pulling up information only hours before I was struggling to remember. Why is it that you can remember things you don't NEED to remember anymore? Like I can remember that I had to pull case number 6989 for a confrence after I no longer need it, but not weather Pope Gregory the Great was the 2nd or 7th when I take my exam.
Wish me luck for tonights exam- hopefully my memory is fully firing this time! God Bless African names /sarcasm


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